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We advocate for the preservation of the historic and ecological qualities of the Sourland Mountain region through stewardship.

Stewardship is a fresh approach to nature, where people are fundamental to the health and beauty of the natural world around us.  Through good stewardship, we reap the rewards of a healthy, diverse environment and a deeper relationship with our planet.

We encourage you to care for the health of your native habitat in a variety of ways – in local parks and preserves, your backyard, or window box.

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ACT: Ash Crisis Team

Over one million trees in our beautiful Sourland forest will die within the next few years. That’s twenty percent of all trees – in our gorgeous public parks and preserves, in our yard and probably in yours. If you’re not already treating every ash tree – and continuing to do so – it will almost certainly perish.

American Woodcock Habitat Restoration

The American Woodcock Habitat Restoration Project is an innovative program developed by the Sourland Conservancy, Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space, and Mercer County Park Commission with support from The New Jersey Conservation Foundation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

Amphibian Crossing Guards

Amphibian Crossing Guard volunteers ensure the survival of some of the Sourland region’s most important and fragile species. On cold, rainy nights in early spring, they help salamanders, frogs and toads safely cross the road as they migrate. Without Crossing Guards, just one car passing every 4 minutes could wipe out over 70% of the local population!

Baldpate Habitat Restoration

Stewardship Leader volunteers planned and implemented a complex restoration initiative within an area of ash tree decline on Baldpate Mountain.

Foraging Forest

The Foraging Forest is a unique restoration project that brings together habitat restoration and community engagement in a creative new way.  We are reminded that restoration projects strengthen the ecosystem benefiting all plants and animals – including humans.  

Pollinator Pockets

Pollinator Pockets offer an easy way to attract beautiful butterflies, moths and birds to your home, school or business – and provide important food and shelter to support our native and migratory populations.

Roots for Rivers Reforestation

The Sourland Conservancy, Mercer County Park Commission and AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassador Program partnered on a riparian restoration project that was funded by a grant from The Watershed Institute and The New Jersey Nature Conservancy. The restoration project took place along Moores Creek, near Howell Living History Farm, in the Sourland Mountain region.

Sourland Stewardship Leaders

The goal of the Sourland Stewardship Leader Program is to assign teams of Stewardship Leaders to specific Sourland Preserves in order to monitor and assess conditions at the preserves and, if necessary, lead volunteers in stewardship projects at the sites.


Stewardshops are a novel learning experience designed to involve participants in stewardship and ecological restoration at a practical level.

Stream monitoring

The Sourland Conservancy has partnered with The Watershed Institute and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to design a stream monitoring training program to train volunteers to collect high quality biological data for stream health assessments.