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There are beautiful trails throughout the Sourland region. Hiking in the Sourlands can take you to tranquil wooded scenes, fields full of flowers and tall grasses, and boulder fields. There are also wetlands and many hills to climb!

















Trail maps

Cedar Ridge PreserveDry Run CreekEames PreserveElks PreserveGoat Hill PreserveHopewell Borough ParkHopewell Sourlands TrailLaport ReserveNayfield ReserveOmick Woods at Rocktown PreserveOtto's Farm ParkPryde's PointRock Hopper TrailRock Mill PreserveRocky Brook TrailSt. Michaels Farm PreserveSkyview PreserveSourlands Ecosystem PreserveSourland Mountain Preserve (Somerset County)Sourland Mountain Preserver (Hunterdon County)Ted Stiles Preserve at BaldpateMarshalls Corner / Thompston PreserveWatershed ReserveWoosamonsa Ridge Preserve

Hopewell Sourlands Trail

1 – Cedar Ridge Preserve: Administered by D&R Greenway, 2 miles of hiking trails

2 – Dry Run Creek: Administered by D&R Greenway, 1.2 miles of hiking trails

3 – Eames Preserve: Administered by FoHVOS, 1.6 miles of hiking trails

4 – Elks Preserve: Administered by FoHVOS, 1.2 miles of hiking trails

5 – Goat Hill Preserve: Administered by NJDEP, <1 mile of hiking trails

6 – Hopewell Borough Park: Administered by Hopewell Borough and Mercer County, 2.6 miles of hiking trails

7 – Hopewell Sourlands Trail: Administered by D&R Greenway and FoHVOS, 1.7 miles of hiking trails

8 – Laport Preserve: Administered by Hunterdon County,  <1 mile of hiking trails

9 – Nayfield Preserve: Administered by FoHVOS, 1.2 miles of hiking trails

10 – Omick Woods at Rocktown Preserve: Administered by D&R Greenway, 1.5 miles of hiking trails

11 – Otto’s Farm Park: Administered by Hillsborough Twp, 2 miles of hiking trails

12 – Pryde’s Point: Administered by D&R Greenway and NJDEP, 2 miles of hiking trails

13 – Rock Hopper Trail: Administered by NJDEP, 2.3 miles of hiking trails

14 – Rock Mill Preserve: Administered by MFOOS, .7 miles of hiking trails

15 – Rocky Brook Trail: Administered by East Amwell Township and NJDEP, 1.3 miles of hiking trails

16 – St. Michaels Farm Preserve: Administered by D&R Greenway, 7.6 miles of hiking trails

17 – Skyview Preserve: Administered by FoHVOS, 1.0 miles of hiking trails

18 – Sourland Ecosystem Preserve: Administered by D&R Greenway, 8.6 miles of hiking trails

19 – Sourland Mountain Preserve: Administered by Somerset County, 7.0 miles of hiking trails

20 – Sourland Mountain Preserve: Administered by Hunterdon County, 3.0 miles of hiking trails

21 – Ted Stiles Preserve: Administered by Mercer County, 12 miles of hiking trails

22 – Thompson Preserve: Administered by FoHVOS, 1.6 miles of hiking trail

23 – Watershed Preserve: Administered by Watershed Institute, >10 miles of hiking trails

24 – Woosamonsa Ridge Preserve: Administered by FoHVOS, ~2.75 miles of hiking trails

The 90-square-mile Sourland region is home to the largest contiguous forest in Central New Jersey.  The sparsely populated area includes parts of Somerset, Hunterdon and Mercer counties, and encompasses a complex ecosystem of forest, wetlands and grasslands.  Its mosaic of habitats is home to an incredibly rich diversity of animal and plant species, many rare or endangered.  The forest is especially important as a breeding area for migratory songbirds, particularly those who nest only in large wooded areas.