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Making a donation is a great way to help the Sourland Conservancy perform its mission, and because the Conservancy is a registered 501(c) tax exempt entity, your donation is tax-deductible as provided by law.

Ways to donate:


Making a cash donation is an easy and direct way to help the Conservancy.  Donate online here.

Donor-advised fund

Donor-advised funds are charitable giving accounts offered by a sponsoring organization that is designed as an accessible, simple and less expensive alternative to private foundations. Put your money in, let the sponsoring institution manage it and then make a donation to the cause of your choice. For more information call Sourland Conservancy trustee, Gary Johnston, at 609-452-2299.


When you donate the stock directly to a charity, there is no capital gains tax to pay, plus you are still eligible to deduct the full fair-market value of the asset you donated from your income taxes, up to the overall amount allowed by the IRS. The Sourland Conservancy has established a brokerage account with Vanguard to make it easy for donors to make a stock donation. For information on a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), please contact Vanguard’s Retirement Center at 800-205-6189.  For a stock donation other than a QCD, please call Vanguard’s Personal Investment Center at 877-662-7447.

Planned Giving 

For more information about the Sourland Legacy Society, click here or contact the Sourland Conservancy at (609) 309-5155 or

Matching gift

Leverage your contribution to Sourland Conservancy by taking advantage of your employer’s charitable gift matching program.

Sourland Conservancy’s Form 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax.

Become a member

Sourland Conservancy members are the heart and soul of our organization. They provide staff, interns, and volunteers with critical financial support to help us accomplish our stewardship, educational, and advocacy goals each year. As membership grows, so does the Sourland Conservancy. And grow we have! We’re continuing to plan and coordinate forest restoration projects in every Sourland municipality, create educational videos to encourage people to steward their own land, advocate on behalf of the forest, host seminars, guided hikes, workshops, and so much more!

With your membership, you’ll receive a subscription to “The Sourland Journal,” our semi-annual printed newsletter, along with an invitation to our holiday party and discounted admission to various events throughout the year.

Robert Garrett Society

Yearly giving of $1,000 or more grants you and your family membership to the Robert Garrett Society. These members are invited to a yearly dinner in a special Sourlands setting, hosted by Sourland Conservancy staff and volunteers and headlined by a guest speaker.

Become a business partner and sponsor an event

Sourland Conservancy business partners support our work – and the community – all year long. With shared values and a unique appreciation for what the forest offers, local business owners and their employees are on the front lines of helping protect, promote, and preserve the region in which they serve.

The Sourland Conservancy currently offers five levels of support beginning at an accessible $500 a year. In addition to protecting our region’s pure water, clean air and critical habitat, a partnership with the conservancy grants your business sponsorship of our two signature events – Sourland Mountain Fest and the Sourland Spectacular – as well as a host of other great rewards throughout the year.

Please reach out to Dave Cucchiara, our director of membership and development, at to learn more about the benefits of each partnership level.


There are many ways to give the gift of your time and help us Save the Sourlands!

Current On-Site Opportunities

  • Stewardship volunteers for habitat restoration & tree planting projects.
  • Sourland Stewardship Crew: Meets the first and third Friday of each month. Email for more information.
  • Stream Monitoring: A program that trains volunteers to collect high-quality biological data for stream health assessments.
  • Amphibian Crossing Guards: A program that trains volunteers to chaperone amphibians like salamanders and frogs across Sourland roadways during their March migration.
  • True Farmstead property maintenance and upkeep.

Current Remote Opportunities

  • Help with administrative and office tasks.
  • Assistance with photography, videography, and editing.
  • Marketing & social media volunteers.
  • Help with historical documentation of the region.
  • Mapping and GIS needs.

Opportunities for Scouts

The Sourland Conservancy works with Boy Scout and Girl Scout volunteers every year! Please reach out to if you or your troop would like to volunteer for an event, participate in a planting or invasive species removal, maintain trails, or lead an Eagle or Gold Award project.

Opportunities for Corporate Volunteer Outings

The Sourland Conservancy offers exciting opportunities for you and your coworkers to team build, learn new skills, and help your company achieve its sustainability goals. Throughout the year, we host groups from local companies and small businesses that engage in stewardship projects like removing invasive species from a public park and planting native trees to reduce stormwater, sequester carbon, and strengthen our ecosystem. 

Your colleagues could also help with an event like the Sourland Mountain Festival or join a committee to advance our educational programming or advocacy work. Do you think your coworkers may be interested? Email to learn more.

Volunteer at a Signature Event

  • Sourland Mountain Festival: We are looking for volunteers to help support one of the region’s largest annual music festivals this July! All proceeds from the event support the Sourland Conservancy. Sign up here if you would like to help us in planning and/or volunteering at the event.
  • Sourland Spectacular: An annual biking event that hosts cyclists from all over the state. Sign up here if you would like to help us in planning and/or volunteering at the event this September!
  • Help the Sourland Conservancy table at other festivals and events throughout the Sourlands.

Please email to be added to our volunteer list or for more details on volunteer opportunities.

I wanted to volunteer with the Sourland Conservancy because I’ve grown up seeing how vital it is to my community. Hiking in the Sourland Mountains is one of the reasons why I began to care about the environment. I wanted to help make a difference, and volunteering was not only meaningful but also fun. Everyone is so supportive and helpful, and I got to learn more about the Sourland Conservancy and ways to help the environment.

– Kylie Chen
Fungi by Laurie Cleveland