Welcome to the Sourland Scavenger Hunt!


Below, you’ll find a map, park rules and regulations, hunt instructions, and (spoiler alert) a photo key.

This self-guided hunt was planned for the Sourland Mountain Preserve at 235 Rileyville Road (2½ miles north of the Hopewell Train Station).  Please click these links for park information and directions. The entrance can be a little tricky, so follow signs carefully to avoid going down a private driveway.

The park is open from dawn to dusk.  There is a small parking lot at the Rileyville Road entrance.  The park is also accessible from Ridge Road.  The main trail is about a mile long, so you’ll walk a little over 2 miles round-trip if you do the whole thing.  The trail is gravel and mostly wide and flat.  At the time of the event, there was a small log to step over, a spot where some of the gravel washed away in a heavy rain, and a slightly steeper section toward the end.  There are narrower, more challenging trails that branch off the main trail and loop around to return to the parking lot.

Most of these treasures may be found in many Sourland Region preserves including the Sourland Ecosystem Preserve in East Amwell Township, the Somerset County Sourland Mountain Preserve near Hillsborough, the Cedar Ridge Trail in Hopewell Township,  Baldpate Mountain near Titusville, and the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Nature Reserve near Pennington. For more information about hiking trails in the Sourland Region, click here.

– Sourlands Scavenger Hunt Description