The next 'Talk of the Sourlands' is Thursday, October 12th! Learn about the Duke Farms Deer Management Program with Mike Bellaus, one of the most successful DMP’s in the state, from its inception to the results.

Become a Sourland Explorer!

Would you like to become an official protector of the Sourland Mountain, home to thousands of extraordinary species? Here is what you need to do in order to earn the Sourland Explorer patch…

    1. ​Complete the number of activities for your age group, choosing at least one activity from each section. Feel free to ask an adult for help with the activities.
    2. Spend at least 60 minutes in the Sourland Mountain and complete at least 1 bonus activity. *see bonus activity at the end of the packet
    3. Show your activity book and bonus activity to the Sourland Conservancy, or email them your activity book at and they will give you your badge.


– Download your activity book,  Sourlands Explorer

Scavenger Hunt Patch Sourland Explorer
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