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Bee on white flower

Pollinator Pockets

Pollinator Pockets offer an easy way to attract beautiful butterflies, moths and birds to your home, school or business – and provide important food and shelter to support our native and migratory populations. These mini-meadows don’t require much space, but they can make a big difference in our ecosystem. Planting a Pollinator Pocket near your fruiting trees and vegetable garden can even help increase your yield!

The Sourland Conservancy hosts pollinator pocket plantings with Hopewell Elementary School students each year to foster biodiversity understanding and deepen conservation methodologies. Students from preschool to fifth grade meet with practicing conservationists in the field and learn about invasive species, wildlife corridors and the importance of protecting and fostering pollinator habitats.

“When kids have their hands in the dirt, and they are actively planting flowers that connect them to pollinators, they develop a deeper relationship to the environment in which they live. This helps to foster planetary stewardship among our most important change makers: our children.

– Helen Corveleyn, STEM Facilitator

Two Girls Planting Seedlings 1