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 I am not sure what constitutes a tradition, but for the last several years I have published some photographs in December. These are photographs taken in the Sourlands but not used for any of the other essays. This year I have 8; in past years there were a couple more but this year I had a new puppy and taking care of him cut into the time I have for wandering around the Sourlands with my camera.

Stony Brook Road is revealed as a 19th-century road because it simply narrows when a large boulder is in the way.

Sycamores are especially beautiful in autumn.

Thistles are greatly underappreciated. They have beautiful purple flowers that are magnets for butterflies, and they put on a unique display in the fall.

This green frog had just been threatened by a black water snake and still looks frightened.

Leaf shadows on a white oak.

The Delaware River is officially the western boundary of the Sourlands but the geological structure continues across the river.

Witch hazel is a November surprise.

Milkweed seed pods open gradually.

By Jim Amon