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Baldpate Habitat Restoration

Stewardship Leader volunteers planned and implemented a complex restoration initiative within an area of ash tree decline on Baldpate Mountain.


  • Volunteers immersed in a wild landscape. This was a unique class format.
  • They planned a restoration from the ground up, with keen observation of the site, its plants and animals, and history.
  • It was a hand-on collaborative learning experience with an amazing and dedicated group!
  • We aimed to model practices that anyone can do in their backyard or neighborhood park, to help our forests recover from ash decline and other degradation.
Ash tree green

Project goals

  1. Restore holistically with the intention of uplifting overall ecological health and quality;
  2. Maintain or improve neotropical migrant bird habitat including for species of concern;
  3. Maintain or expand habitat for state-listed (S2) plant species;
  4. Educate the general public about realistic restoration scenarios; and
  5. Train Stewardship Leaders to lead groups of volunteers to perform critical stewardship work throughout the region.

This project was funded in part with a Franklin Parker Conservation Excellence grant given by New Jersey Conservation Foundation

Death in forest field tree trunks 1